Sound Sensibility: Rain

The patter of the rain is a balm to the soul, a soothing presence.  Today’s rain is a steady beat not a sprinkling nor a down pour just a persistent patter. When I woke I laid in bed and saw the trees swaying in the wind before the rain came.  I couldn’t hear anything though.  I longed too open the window wide to listen to rushing, rustling leaves warn of the pending storm.  I didn’t want to wake my husband who still slept soundly by my side so I just watched and imagined what it sounded like. I thought about how insulated I am to the outdoors when I’m in my modern home built of sticks but warmed and cooled by mechanics to avoid the extremities.  Sometimes I miss our West Virginia home that was on a hill laid bare to the elements no AC only a Pellet Stove to warm.  On windy days there it sounded like the roof might blow off.  In the summer the windows were always opened wide hoping for a cross breeze to get some relief.  The best part though of living in sight of “The Ridge” was sitting on the front porch and watching a summer storm roll in then, scurrying inside when it hit and watching through the large picture window and listening with other windows wide open.  This morning I came downstairs and opened the windows and let the solitary sound of the soft rain soothe my soul before the cares of the day took over.

Water whether the patter of rain or the waves on the beach or a flowing river has an effect on our sensibilities.  If you like the background noise of water this noise maker might be a welcome presence.  My noise calibrates a variety of noises to your liking and hearing ability.  I don’t understand all the science but perhaps it can be a way to extend the effect long after the rain outside has stopped.







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