31 Days of Simply Blogging


For the next 31 days I’ve taken The Nester’s challenge to blog every day.  I’ve agonized over a theme, trying to somehow come up with a cohesive idea that I could write to everyday.  I’ve failed.  So I’ll write simply about whatever is on my mind. It may have to do with faith or family, a book I’m reading or a movie I’ve watched. It may have to do with past memories or future hopes and plans.  Whatever it is I write about each day I hope to do it prayerfully so it will be an encouragement to whomever chooses to follow along.

October 1:Day 1-Introduction

October 2: Day 2-Engaging Our Stories

October 3: Day 3-Friday Finances

October 4: Day 4-Silent Saturdays

October 5: Day 5- Sunday Psalm

October 6: Day 6- The Adventure of Parenting

October 7 Day 7- The Imperfect Christian Homeschool

October 8 Day 8-Dream House

October 9 Day 9-Good Enough Get it Done

October 10 Day 10-Friday Finances

October 11 Day 11- Silent Saturdays

October 12 Day 12-Sunday Psalm

October 13 Day 13- Beauty from Ashes

October 14  Day 14- Christianity

October 15  Day 15- Meeting Together

October 16 Day 16–  Calling

October 17  Day 17– early morning poem

October 18 Day 18- Silent Saturdays: Remembering Orleans

October 19 Day 19-Psalm

October 20 Day 20– Books

October 21 Day 21– Being a Mama

October 22 Day 22– Anatomy of the Soul

October 23 Day 23– Sadness Fills her Face

October 24 Day 24– Sovereignty of God

October 25 Day 25– Silent Saturday

October 26 Day 26– Sunday Psalm

October 27 Day 27-Writing and Such

October 28 Day 28

October 29 Day 29 Being Known

October 30 Day 30 Being Known Part 2

October 31 Day 31


4 thoughts on “31 Days of Simply Blogging

  1. What an utterly beautiful blog you’ve set up. I love dandelions and violets, but would never have thought of putting them together. Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to seeing what you write about. 🙂


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