Day 9-Good Enough Gets it Done


This has been sitting in my drafts for a while and I need to just get a post done so I’ll take a quick look and put er up.

In my quest to pare down and minimize possessions I’ve been trying to get my kids on board with varying results.  I have one who likes to keep lots of stuff and actually still plays with a lot of it.  She also keeps her room organized and picked up.  But, every inch of wall space has some container or piece of furniture to hold her belongings.  She will get rid of things on occasion for the most part though I see the buddings of a pack rat, I won’t say hoarder yet.

Now please don’t judge, but she had a sleep over last night so I took the opportunity to clear some wall space and pare down her possessions. I threw out one trash bag of odds and ends and I hope long forgotten trinkets, I reorganized a few things too. I have yet to discover if there will be repercussions to my trickery but, I’m guessing, except for a large basket and a plastic drawer bin, she won’t notice what is missing. We can discuss the ethics of this another time.

Now to my point.

There was one piece of furniture, a small child size hutch, that she wanted painted. It was a hand-me-down from a friend and from the looks of it had already been through years and years of use. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on this project and it’s not like it was going to be an heirloom piece so I rough sanded it and slapped two coats of paint on let it almost dry and put it back in her room.

It’s not a project I’m particularly proud of. It’s sloppy and haphazard. But it’s done and it will do.

Sometimes things are like that, we just need to get things done.  I’m all for pursuing excellence but I’ve seen too many people, myself included at times, not accomplish much because they are afraid they won’t do a good job or won’t have time to make it perfect. Well I’m here to say Good Enough Gets it Done.

I appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a fine piece of furniture or well written book. I am all for practice and more practice to improve. You won’t hear me say good enough gets it done when we are talking about building a home or fixing my car or learning a trade. There are times, maybe the majority of the time, that doing over, getting it just right, and pursuing excellence is appropriate.  There are other times however that just getting it done is the best thing to do despite the imperfections or haphazard results.

This was one of those times for me. And often I have to tell myself to just get er done and not worry about it looking or sounding or being just right.

I noticed after I put the piece back in her room that the doors were upside down. I sighed I couldn’t even get that right.  Last night however, she mentioned how she liked the doors better that way because they were easier to open and didn’t stick and they now make a smiley face.





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