Day 23-Sadness Fills Her Face

She’s been around the world
traveled to many a place
painted, sang and sold her art,
yet sadness fills her face.

She’s accomplished much in life,
But she’s been outside the fold.
She lives a life to envy,
Yet she lives it mostly alone.

Surrounded by people to admire,
And be admired by,
Yet lives her life in solitude,
No one sees her cry.

The hope that sparkled in her eye
Has by tears been dimmed.
The youthful smile that brought us joy
Is now a hardened grin.

I don’t know what sadness caused
Her sorrows and her pain,
Perhaps was hope in humankind
That disappointed once again.

Hope can’t be satisfied
By faith in people alone
The human race is far too flawed
To sit upon this throne.

If she would put her faith in God
She may find a way,
To banish sorrow from her heart
And let hope in God remain.


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