Day 31:End of the Challenge

It’s been wonderful to  accomplish what I set out to do.  Really wonderful.  You see, I am a starter, not usually a finisher.  I get going on things with much enthusiasm but then motivation, and inspiration fizzle and procrastination sets in.

But this month was different. I was able to put something on this blog everyday. That was the goal. I didn’t have a theme or topic just mostly shared what was on my heart, what I’ve been reading or a few pictures or poems here and there. Nothing worthy of going viral or making a mark on the blogging world just faithfulness each day.

And that’s enough for me.

Today, this last day of October, I want to highlight some of the blogs I was introduced to over the month.  The most compelling blogs are from women who have shared from places of hardship and adversity. Some adversity of their own making some hard circumstances beyond their control. All came to a place of humility and grace at the foot of the cross. They cling to this cross and have a message of hope for anyone in similar situations. Others just tell it like it is in church or out of church they too though have a message of hope and are laying it on the line to speak the truth. The last link is a link to the 1600 other bloggers who linked up and took part in the 31 day challenge.  If you have a few hours to kill browse through that  and find anything from devotionals to menu plans.




11 thoughts on “Day 31:End of the Challenge

  1. I also tend to have trouble finishing things. I have so many ideas that I want to keep starting new ones before finishing current ones! Congrats on finishing 🙂 And I’m looking forward to catching up on some reading next month! 🙂

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  2. It was amazing, wasn’t it?? I am always a finisher, but I’m also a perfectionist, which made this challenge very “stretching” for me. I had to accept that not everything had to be perfect, not as long as it was authentically me and came from a place of honesty and love. Congrats on finishing!!

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